The development of new accessories and optional equipments is constantly evolving.
Not just accessories but design objects ... attention to details, finishes, materials, in combination with research of new production technologies is what precedes the marketing of any Aria® accessory.
Even the partners we work with have been carefully selected in order to offer the best quality.


Aria® Backpack

Black cordura backpack with breathable textile
€ 130.00

Aria® under seat bag

Black cordura under seat bag with velcro fabric
€ 60

Aria® Calf band

Calf band, height 6 cm - black leather
€ 60

Aria® frame protection

Pair of frame protection made of black leather - velcro fabric
€ 70


Aria® Scissor lock

Scissor lock brakes (right and left)
€ 62

Out-Front Push to lock

Out-Front Push to lock brakes (right and left)
€ 110

Out-Front Scissor lock

Out-Front Scissor lock brakes (right and left)
€ 150


Black Wheel

Black Wheel with black hub diam. 12,7mm and black spokes - weight 930 g
€ 254

Golz Six-Star

Golz Six-Star with black hub diam. 12,7mm and black spokes - weight 865 g
€ 338

Golz Twin-Star Exchange

Golz Twin-Star Exchange with black hub diam. 12,7mm - weight 800 g
€ 500

Spinergy® Lite Extreme LX

Spinergy® Lite Extreme LX with black hub diam. 12,7mm - weight 690 g
€ 405

Ruota Fat Crazy

Wheel Fat Crazy Black Rim and tyre Bob Schwalbe 24x2.35'' Hub diam. 12,7mm
€ 295


Black anodized aluminum

Black anodized aluminum
€ 52

Silver anodized aluminum

Silver anodized aluminum
€ 52

Aluminum for tetraplegic

Aluminum with foam coated for tetraplegic
€ 65


€ 247.5


B-Braver rough rider
€ 282.5


Schwalbe Right Run

Schwalbe Right Run - Black/Grey
€ 47.5


Solid polyurethane
€ 47.5

Schwalbe Marathon Plus

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution - Black
€ 47.5

Schwalbe One

Schwalbe One - Black
€ 62.5


Aria® Cushion

Cushion 5cm made of foam with breathable textile
€ 85